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Family Law

Butler & Tomko traces its history back more than 10 years as an active part of the Lincoln County community. We will handle every aspect of your family law matter. We have experience in divorce proceedings, child custody disputes, paternity cases, child support cases, property division, relocation cases and domestic violence cases. Because not all clients have the same situation, attorney Kimberly Tomko prides herself in providing a personalized legal strategy that is unique to

your situation.


We handle the following areas of family law:


  • Dissolution; contested and uncontested

  • Child custody

  • Paternity

  • Child support

  • Property distribution

  • Relocation cases

  • Name change

  • Adoption

  • Order enforcement

  • Spousal support (maintenance)

  • Judgment modifications

At Butler & Tomko, we understand how important your children are to you. Attorney Kimberly Tomko is sensitive to protecting yours and your children’s rights throughout a divorce process, a paternity case or a custody dispute. We know what the judges in our community expect and have over 10 years of experience working with them as well as other independent professionals that are often brought into family law matters. We strive to reach a result that is in our client’s best interest often through the process of mediation, which ultimately will avoid the stress and uncertainty that a trial brings. Should litigation ever become necessary to protect our client’s interests, we will zealously advocate for our clients in court to reach the best possible result.


Post Divorce Disputes


In this fast pace world, circumstances in your life or in your former spouses life can often change significantly, such that one or both of you may need to seek a modification of your divorce decree. There may be a number of reasons for changes in custody. Butler & Tomko offers comprehensive legal services to help you in the modification of your divorce decree.


There are also times when difficulties arise after the final divorce judgment and it becomes necessary to enforce the judgment. Butler & Tomko has successfully assisted their clients in enforcing all Missouri judgment orders.


Whether you need to enforce a judgment or modify an existing judgment, or defend a modification or enforcement, Butler & Tomko provides compassionate and aggressive representation to all of their clients. We can assist you in your modification and enforcement, even if we did not represent you in the divorce proceeding.


Relocation Cases


A “relocation case” arises when a parent that has joint or sole custody of a child decides to relocate to a new location that is far enough away that custody is affected. Whether the move is near or far, if the proposed move will impact or disrupt the current custody schedule in place, the parents will need to establish a new custody order. Relocation cases can be one of the most difficult cases for parents. Missouri law has very strict requirements that must be met in order to be successful with a relocation case. Whether you are a parent looking to relocate with your children to a new location or you oppose the intended relocation, it is important to have an attorney that is knowledgeable with the relocation statute to assist you in this difficult time as well as to ensure that all necessary issues are addressed in the appropriate time frame. The attorneys at Butler & Tomko are very knowledgable in this area and have successfully represented numerous clients in relocation cases.

Domestic Violence


Butler & Tomko has successfully represented victims of domestic violence. We work efficiently and effectively to help our clients prepare all of the necessary paperwork with the courts to obtain orders of protection, for both adults and children. We coordinate with the local women’s shelter as well as all other necessary channels to ensure that the situation is resolved without undue stress to our clients. Examples of domestic violence abuse include:


  • Threats

  • Intimidation

  • Stalking (such as following the victim to and from places and threatening the victim)

  • Physical assault or abuse (hitting, slapping, pushing, shoving or kicking)

  • Verbal, social and sexual abuse


Domestic violence cases are treated differently than criminal cases and can in fact be a very stressful time on the client, obtaining professional and proven successful counsel is a must. Domestic violence cases can cover a wide range of abuse, including spousal and child endangerment. Domestic violence is not just physical, but can be verbal and emotional as well. Any threat of violence towards another, whether the accused intended harm or not, could be grounds for an order of protection.


Butler & Tomko has helped numerous victims find the help they need to take back their lives. The attorneys at Butler & Tomko work closely with advocates from the Robertson Center to ensure that their clients feel safe in their homes as well as on the day of court. They are committed to providing their clients with the highest quality of legal representation in this difficult and stressful time.

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