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Landlord Tenant Law

If you are a landlord in Lincoln County, St. Charles County, or areas west, our experienced legal team at Butler & Tomko can help you with landlord-tenant law.  We ensure you understand your rights, resolve problems, handle legal agreements, and free up your time.

Solve Rental Issues

Are you a property owner in search of the perfect tenant? This can be a complicated process with multiple things to consider.


When it comes to landlord-tenant law, our greatest goal is to provide you with the extensive knowledge and tools to understand the complications that can arise in any legal agreement and avoid them.  

Landlord Services

For decades, Butler & Tomko attorneys have assisted landlords with their landlord-tenant questions, lease agreements and past-due rent collection; abandonment, evictions, litigation, judgment collection, and more.  

Legal Leases

Our knowledge of lease laws will ensure you have the correct language and legal verbiage on each lease to protect you, your property, and your rights. This may include:

  • Limits on occupancy

  • Terms of tenancy

  • Pets

  • Rent, deposits, fees

  • Exclusions

  • Repairs and maintenance

  • Restrictions on illegal activity

  • Legal entry

  • Lease breaking penalties

  • Rights to evict


In the event that your renters break their lease in any way, we are here to represent your best interests and handle the situation with expediency and avoid wasted time on your part.

From Leases to Mediation

Your Butler & Tomko legal team is here for you. We do everything we can upfront to avoid conflict – however, if you are ever in a situation that requires litigation, we will be your advocate.


In fact, because of our vast experience handling hundreds of landlord-tenant matters, we are often able to effectively evaluate the outcome in a particular case and advise you in making the best legal decision going forward.

From Leases to Mediation

At Butler & Tomko, we manage landlord-tenant clients throughout Missouri, including Lincoln County, Pike County, St. Charles County, Warren County, Montgomery County, Audrain County, Jefferson County, Franklin County, and Marion County.  


Let us help you streamline your landlord-tenant relationships and transactions, avoid future legal issues, and handle any current landlord-tenant law matters. Contact us today to free up your time and protect your property and your rights.

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