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Probate Help

There is nothing harder in life than losing a loved one. At Butler & Tomko, we understand that you are in the middle of a very difficult time – our greatest goal is to support you and your family. Our attorneys, who practice in Lincoln County, St. Charles County, and elsewhere in the Westplex, are prepared to help you simplify every step of the probate process so you can focus on your family and the grieving process.

What Is Probate?

Probate is the legal process of transferring property upon a person's death or incapacity. It sounds simple, however, probate encompasses much more than the definition states. Paying debts, collecting rights, distributing insurance, business and personal assets; guardianship and dispute settlement – all issues you may be expected to handle in the court system in the midst of such an emotional time.


Probate can take a long time to finalize – from months to years – and cost up to 5% of the gross estate value. It is best to have an estate plan with assets held in trust by a trustee in order to potentially avoid the probate process. At Butler & Tomko, we can prepare your estate plan and protect your family with a trust or at least minimize the court’s involvement and keep your business private if the trust is disputed.

Other Estate & Probate Processes

These other probate processes can be handled by a Butler & Tomko attorney acting in your best interests to protect you and your loved one’s assets, as well as potentially expedite resolution of the following:


  • Small Estate Affidavit – helps fast track a resolution through probate when a loved one dies without a will or a small estate.


  • Determination of Heirship – the lengthy process of the court system determining the heirs of your loved one’s estate when there is no will, trust, or estate plan in place.


  • Refusal Letters – the filing of an application with the court to transfer your deceased spouse’s real and personal property to you as the surviving spouse.

Other Estate & Probate Processes

It is critical during this time that you have a legal team you can trust, like Butler & Tomko. Whether you are the personal representative of an estate or the beneficiary and want to ensure that you are receiving proper distribution, we can advise you on how to move forward, explain what’s involved, and help you comply with every step of the administration and probate process.


We have been practicing law in Lincoln County, St. Charles County, and the Westplex areas for decades. Our relationships with other professionals in those communities such as tax and accounting professionals, means we can help you navigate this complex situation much easier and offer peace of mind.

Probate Relief

Our 3-member team is dedicated to you and your family during this life-altering, emotional time. We are here to help simplify a complicated process and see to it that you have what you need to move forward in life.


When you contact us, rest assured, you’ll be speaking with someone who knows you and cares about you. Our greatest goal is to be here when you need us and provide much needed probate relief – contact Butler & Tomko today if you are facing the probate process in Lincoln County, St. Charles County, or elsewhere in the Westplex.

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